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Get Your Walls Poppin' with Artfully Jonesy's colorful abstracts. After all, color is a sign of life!

Look, we get it. Maybe you actually like bargain-bin art. It’s easy on the wallet, and you’re in good company…since every house on your block has the same pieces.

BUT, if you’re like me, you feel inspired and uplifted when you invest in supporting an artist’s original work…while they’re still alive. And hey, you’re also pretty thrilled about having the bragging rights that come with owning a one-of-a-kind glam-my-shit-up masterpiece!

So, since you’re like me…stick around and find “the one” for you. Thank me later.

Peace In Chaos: Haiku Series

This collection was created during a dark and turbulent time. I considered not adding it to the shop. But, guess what: I knew you needed these pieces as much as I needed to create them. It felt like a moment we could grow through together. In art, we can find peace in chaos.

Monarch Series

Allow your home to be a kaleidoscope of renewal, courage, and power! The fiery colors feel passionate and fierce, a combo that's sure to lift the vibes of your home.

Pockets of Time Series

Savor the joyful moments, often taken for granted. It's those little pockets of time that seem almost like guilty pleasures. The pieces in this series are reminders to just play!

What a World!

Color is the language of life, and at Artfully Jonesy, we aim to speak it fluently. These Techpressionism abstract artworks are a celebration, with their bright colors, playful mark-making, and glorious repeated patterns! Let's take your walls from ordinary to extraordinary.