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In Plain Sight (12"×12")

In Plain Sight (12"×12")

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In Plain Sight is a very unique geometric design, from Artfully Jonesy.

As part of Jonesy's mental health awareness collection, this poignant piece beautifully illustrates how so many of us are suffering in plain sight, yet nobody sees. The strife is concealed by a person being well put-together, or a child just being a bit quiet, or shy. 

Remember to check in with the people around you. Smile when you greet a stranger. Tell a loved one what they bring to your life. Most importantly, check in with yourself. Love yourself. Maybe, just maybe, treat yourself to an original piece of art. ❤

In Plain Sight is a 12"×12" Somerset Velvet Fine Art production.

Artwork is mounted to a 1/8 inch tempered hardboard and protected with premium UV laminates.
A 3/4 inch frame is applied to the back of the image. The frame is recessed from the edges by approx 2" on all sides and is hidden from view giving the appearance of floating off the wall. 

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